Explaining God to a Two Year Old

Until I attempted to explain the concept of God to my two-year old daughter, Ashleigh, it never occurred to me how complex some of this really is.

I was strapping her in to her car seat to go to church, and she said that we were going to see Mimi and Papa (that is, her grandparents). I said, “No, we’re going to church to see God!” I realized my blunder (Jn 1:18), and hoped that Ashleigh wouldn’t notice.

Of course, she seized the opportunity right away and as we were driving kept saying, “We go to church. See God.”

I finally said, “We can’t actually see God, sweetie. But we can see Jesus! Of course, he isn’t going to be at church. But we will learn about him.”

After considering that statement for a moment, Ashleigh asked, “The bad man get Jesus?”

“Nope,” I said. “Jesus defeated the bad man. For good!”

After a few more minutes, Ashleigh said, “We no see God. God no at church.” Laugh now, and laugh hard, my atheist readers. She’s only two and doesn’t get concepts like “immaterial,” “spirit,” or “omnipresent.” Don’t read too much into her statement.

I said, “No, honey, God is everywhere. We just can’t see him.” She seemed to consider this, but didn’t ask any more questions or make any additional statements related to church or God. Sometime, I need to have a more detailed conversation with her about God and Jesus, but not while I’m trying to concentrate on the road.

New Stuff!

Rook Hawkins has posted his commentary on the Resurrection (3 months ago… nothing like covering current events!) over on his “Blog of a Critical Historian.”  I’m planning on reviewing that and writing a response to it.  Assuming that there’s anything to actually respond to.

Deludedgod has written an essay about morality in the absence of God, which I will also read and write a response to.  Look for those under the Articles tab soon.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I will begin work on the NIV Quiz that I’m so tired of KJV Onlyists passing around uncritically.  That should hopefully be up by the end of the week.

With the potential of receiving some donation money from church, I also need to work on a ministry outlook for the rest of the year so that I can figure out a budget.  It is really difficult to write, post in forums, work on management tasks, and also work at Burger King.  One might say that I have my hands full compared to others who just do this work full time and don’t have a day job!

On top of all that, I also need to spend time with my wife!  Naturally, this takes priority over everything else.  The sad part is, I don’t get to see her nearly often enough between my work schedule and ministry time.  I miss her.  😦