The Final Quest… for now

I’ve been having too much fun with these daily Quests for the Hero Quest board game.

All good things, however, must come to an end. You’ve now recovered all of the Artifacts from the Game System. Did you notice that, in most of their backstories, that they were stolen?

It is, therefore, fitting that your final Quest seeks the one who coordinated their theft in the first place. Good luck.

Download the PDF here.

Another Quest!

Yet another Quest for Hero Quest. I’ve been having too much fun with these. Let’s keep going at one per day.

Artifact hunting seems to be a good idea, so let’s keep going until we’ve recovered all of the Artifacts from the Game System.

After today, we will do one more. Today’s quest uncovers the Spirit Blade, the artifact from the Game System that had the most detailed backstory and played a significant role in the first 14 Quests AND the follow-up Quest Pack, “Return of the Witch Lord.”

It is, therefore, only fitting that I put it in the toughest stand alone Quest to date. Good luck.

Download the PDF here.

How New is the One Page Dungeon?

The One Page Dungeon, I stated, is a “new” concept to me.

How new?

Well, my introduction to tabletop RPGs came with the board game Hero Quest, a 1990 release by Milton-Bradley in conjunction with Games Workshop. This game came with a Quest Book, which contained a map of the board with symbols to show where to put the various pieces (the doors, the furniture, the enemies, etc). Opened up, the Quest Book was just a little bit larger than an 8-1/2 x 11″ sheet of paper.

The One Page Dungeon, therefore, shouldn’t have been that new to me.

In honor of my introduction to gaming, I thought I would share a simple Quest for the Hero Quest Game System that you can download and play. You will see that it fits neatly on one page.

Download the PDF here.