If you’re a busy Dungeon Master who hasn’t had much time to prepare, I have just the thing–free adventures!

Dungeons & Dragons

Shrine of the Old Gods (interlinked One Page Dungeons)

  1. Part I–As part of another storyline of your design, the PCs stumble onto a subplot involving a cult to Old Gods no longer worshiped by mortals. Suitable for PCs of 2nd level.
  2. Part II–The PCs encounter the cult again, this time they learn a disturbing plan is underway, but they lack sufficient information to follow up on it for now. Suitable for PCs of 5th level.
  3. Part III–Seeking a sage who can unravel the mysteries, the PCs are led to an ancient monument that shows how the heavens must be aligned in order to bring the Old Gods back. Suitable for PCs of 10th level.

HeroQuest Game System

A series of sample Quests, played all the way through you will recover all of the Artifacts from the Game System:

  1. Hunt for the Missing Artifacts: Orcs have stolen three Artifacts. Can you recover them?
  2. Maze of the Mad Wizard: A mad wizard builds this maze to protect the Talisman of Lore.
  3. The Laboratory:  In the laboratory of a powerful wizard, we find two Artifacts that will make the Wizard player much more formidable in combat.
  4. The Elixir of Life: In this dungeon, we uncover a mystical potion that can restore the Heroes’ Body and Mind Points after a battle.
  5. The Quest for the Magic Rings: Hunt down the Ring of Return and the Spell Ring.
  6. The Spirit Blade: The Artifact that had the most detailed backstory in the Game System and launched the Quest Pack “Return of the Witch Lord” is recovered in this ancient temple.
  7. The Hunt for Feron: After recovering the Artifacts, it only makes sense to go after the Doomgaurd colonel who coordinated their theft. Feron awaits in his stronghold.

Interactive Fiction

The text-based adventure (called IF for short) is an antiquated form of the computer game, but there is dedicated following to games in the vein of Zork or Colossal Cave Adventure. I’ve made a couple myself…

Spycraft (Vintage)

Coming Soon!!