Hero Quest Quest Pack #1: Skraggmar

For the start of my new blog focus on RPGs, let’s ask a question: What is the next logical step after the one-page dungeon?

An interlinked campaign of adventures.

The one-page dungeons that I’ve already put up, both the HeroQuest adventures and the ones from last year that showcased the Shrines map pack, formed a loose story. Each adventure was its own story, but it had running subplots that made it part of a larger narrative. In this case, however, each Quest is a “level” of a larger dungeon. Each Quest is not its own story. The full story’s main plot requires each Quest to tell it.

A reader emailed me about the Quest Pack series that I had posted at Agin’s Inn over 20 years ago. He and his group had completed the original three and he had wondered if I had ever made the promised sequel.

At the time, no. But I wrote it for his group and I hope that they enjoyed it. Over the next few weeks, I will re-release the Quest Packs that led up to Adventure in Arcania, my most ambitious Hero Quest idea ever.

Let’s start at the beginning, with Skraggmarr the giant skeleton.

Download the PDF here!

Focus Change: RPG & Reviews

I’ve written about writing, I’ve written about comic books, I’ve done one product review, I’ve written about RPGs.

I seem to gain the most followers on Twitter from the RPG community.

I get the most page views on the sole product review I did.

Reviews and RPGs are not the direction I want to go, but this is the direction that my readers are telling me to go in. Savvy business guy that I am, I know that if want to grow my readership I need to go where the numbers are urging me to go.

From this point forward, the focus of the blog will be on tabletop RPGs and reviews of new products. For RPG content, look for original adventures (particularly one-page dungeons). I will likely review new RPG content as well, combining the two new focal points.

For product reviews, I’m up to suggestions. Please leave any in the comments section below. I’m looking mainly for products that writers would find interesting or useful. I’m a slow reader so book reviews probably aren’t the best idea.

D&D ENCOUNTER: The Water Princess

For Christmas, my niece received a mermaid costume and a butterfly wand. She wore the costume, carried the wand, and still had both of her stuffed dragons in tow. I knew there was at least a Dungeons & Dragons encounter in this mish-mash of mythology.

The Water Princess (EL 7)

No one knows the origin of the strange creature calling herself the Water Princess. She appeared in the marshes some years back, apparently the only example of her kind. She’s a strange hybrid of nymph and water mephit, so some loremasters have posited that she is a magical experiment escaped from her creator.

The Water Princess is driven by curiosity, latching onto adventurers (especially wizards) and asking endless questions about nature, science, and arcane magic. She thirsts for knowledge and loves learning new things. Even if she isn’t tagging along with a group of adventurers, she can often be spotted doing experiments or studying animals. She may be responsible for building some of the odd contraptions seen in the marshes. Continue reading “D&D ENCOUNTER: The Water Princess”

The Final Quest… for now

I’ve been having too much fun with these daily Quests for the Hero Quest board game.

All good things, however, must come to an end. You’ve now recovered all of the Artifacts from the Game System. Did you notice that, in most of their backstories, that they were stolen?

It is, therefore, fitting that your final Quest seeks the one who coordinated their theft in the first place. Good luck.

Download the PDF here.

Another Quest!

Yet another Quest for Hero Quest. I’ve been having too much fun with these. Let’s keep going at one per day.

Artifact hunting seems to be a good idea, so let’s keep going until we’ve recovered all of the Artifacts from the Game System.

After today, we will do one more. Today’s quest uncovers the Spirit Blade, the artifact from the Game System that had the most detailed backstory and played a significant role in the first 14 Quests AND the follow-up Quest Pack, “Return of the Witch Lord.”

It is, therefore, only fitting that I put it in the toughest stand alone Quest to date. Good luck.

Download the PDF here.