Everyone on a Facebook Must Read This

I just read an e-mail from E-zine Articles training on ten usage mistakes.

I’m not naming names, but I see many of these everyday in my status update feeds, and it absolutely drives me insane.  I see them constantly in comments to my other blogs, especially the fast food management one.

Here are the ten items:


There is a pronoun, as in “over there!”  Their is possessive, as in “That yellow bungalow is their house.”  And they’re is a contraction meaning “they are.”

A lot/Allot/Alot

This gets messed up quite a bit.

A lot means a great quantity.  It’s informal and I try to avoid it, because around third grade our teachers agreed they would no longer accept it as a description of a great and many items.  So I like to replace it with “much” or “myriad” or something overly dramatic like “overflowing with” or “vast quantities of.”

Allot means to distribute or pass out.  As in, “The Holy Spirit allots spiritual gifts to believers as he sees fit.”  Whether believers use those gifts is another story (and belongs on my other blog).

And alot is not a word, so knock it off!!!


I see these used interchangeably, and they are so not interchangeable.

I.e. is providing a description.  Use it when you mean “that is” or “in other words.”

E.g. means an instance of the generality is coming.  I.e., it means “for example.”  “You should try reading some Christian apologists, e.g. William Lane Craig or James White.”


Misuse of these probably annoys me the most.

To denotes a range or an infinitive (the pure form of a verb).  “We’ll be up from dusk to dawn.”

Two is the number 2.  “I have two boxen of doughnuts.”

Too indicates excess or means “in addition to.”  “I have brown hair, too!”


Most people use “its” exclusively.  Nope!  It’s is a contraction for “it is.”  Its is the possessive of “it.”


More common on Facebook than the color blue.  I’ll let Dr. Ross Gellar explain it succinctly:


This is another seriously common mistake.

Loose is the opposite of “tight.”  Lose is what the Lions normally do when they play football.  (Though I’m crossing my fingers because it’s been darn good so far this season!)


Seen this more than once.  Both of these indicate the making of a selection or a choice.  But choose is present tense and chose is past tense.


Few people get the difference here.  Both indicate influence or change.  Effect is the noun, and affect is the verb.  “Using violins in your music composition produce a romantic effect.”  “Her decision to break it off affected him worse than we thought.”


Confusing these isn’t usually a matter of ignorance, as most of the above are.  It’s normally just a typo.

Know is a verb indicating obtaining or having knowledge.  “Search your feelings, you know it to be true.”

No is a negative reply, used nearly exclusively by my son to answer close-ended questions.  Even when “yes” would be the obvious answer.

Now indicates a present event.  As in, “Now you know the proper way to use these words.  So let’s see some improvement in those statuses!!”

Open Letter to a YouTube User (absmart)

A YouTube user named absmart made a profoundly ignorant comment on a YouTube video.  By definition, most YouTube comments are profoundly ignorant, but this one is in a class all by itself.

I sent him the following message, but I’m not sure he will even see it.  So, I have decided to share it with the world, so that everyone can appreciate my wit and wisdom.

I’ve never been published except anonymously on a Christian website, but I’m working seriously on selling a few magazine articles on fast food management, armchair philosophy, and Christian parenting.  That won’t get me into the National Writer’s Union or the ASJA, but he doesn’t know that.  For all he knows, I am in print.  (I’ve had people ask me before where I’m published professionally!)  So don’t laugh when I call myself a “creative professional.”

Dear absmart,

Two weeks ago, on a Judge Judy video, you made the following comment:

copyright can go screw itself – nobody is making money off it being on youtube – people just want to watch an episode and get a laugh here and there. Unfortunately, the greedy bastards at CBS and other TV stations don’t seem to like that. Copyright is just another way for greedy companies to make even more money, and is a reason why the world is the way it is nowadays.

I find this to be the most profoundly ignorant comment I have ever come across, and I argue about religion in my spare time!  If you’ve ever tried to argue about religion, you know that atheists and theists both say remarkably ignorant things to each other.  However, this comment from you absolutely takes the Ignorance Cake. Continue reading “Open Letter to a YouTube User (absmart)”

New TLD a Reality?

ICANN, the independent agency that maintains the database of registered domain names, recently approved a resolution to add .xxx as a top level domain (TLD) exclusively for porn sites.

As a person who has struggled for many years (sometimes unsuccessfully) with porn addiction, I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, filtering will be a breeze–but only if existing porn sites are required to move their activities to a .xxx domain. That’s not likely to happen.

On the other hand, it could end up costing big bucks in trade name protection. Existing companies will be forced to purchase the .xxx version of their name so that porn dealers can’t. Cybersquatters will likely move in and purchase .xxx versions of popular porn and legitimate business sites quickly, and then resell them at huge profits. This could be a bigger headache than it’s worth.

From what I’ve read on this, the porn industry opposes this because they feel it will lead to censorship. The church opposes this because they feel it legitimizes smut. I’m not sure about big business, but I’m sure that they oppose this due to the potential high cost of maintaining another domain name version of their trademark.

All of this begs the question: Why do this if everyone is against it?

But there’s an unexplored side to this. It is only 89 cents plus ICANN registry to purchase a .info domain name from GoDaddy.com. That’s how I happen to own three (now two): christiandelusion.info, godisnotimaginary.info, and the recently expired fastfoodmanagement.info. Active-domain.com prices .info domains at $2.89 for the first year. Domain.com sells them for as low as $9.29 in bulk registration, up to $10.29 for single names. If the .xxx domain becomes like the .info domain–that is, very cheap; given the ease of setting up a free website hosted by Google Sites with a custom domain; and given the fact that even the most technologically impaired can upload pictures directly from their cellphones to sites like Facebook; isn’t this just going to exponentially increase the amount of porn–especially amateur porn–available online? And is that a good thing for anyone concerned?