Zombie Apocalypse

Branching Path Novel #2

While in geography class, your teacher suddenly looks ill. She faints. When she wakes up, she’s a frothing zombie, trying to eat you and your fellow classmates! Suddenly, your school day becomes an exercise in survival.

Even if you manage to escape the school, your world is forever changed and you must decide where you fit in.

Will you create a community outreach center with the most gorgeous cheerleader on the squad? Perhaps you’re a nurse at heart. There’s already one community center offering medical attention and “safe space” from zombies. But there’s room for others, and that’s just what Melinda aims to create.

Will you join the class nerd and try to find the source of the zombie plague? Marty is convinced that he can discover the source of the zombie plague. Sidekick to the class nerd doesn’t sound all that inviting, but maybe if you put both your heads together then you can figure out what caused this and what the cure is…

Or will you join the high school jock and fight the zombie hordes head on? Not one for nursing or the subtleties of investigation, Mike just wants to blow stuff up. If that appeals to you, then perhaps you can destroy the entire horde of oncoming zombies… or at least hold them off while the brainiacs at the CDC find a cure.

Only you can decide the outcome of the story because YOU choose. And if you fail, go back to page one and make some different choices.