Unicorn Hunt

Branching Path Novel #1


Front_Cover_smThere has been a local legend about a unicorn living in the park near your house. Since you’ve always loved horses in general, and unicorns in particular, you decide to investigate the sightings for yourself. In so doing, you meet a menagerie of characters more unbelievable than the unicorn itself.

A conspiracy theorist wearing a tinfoil hat, convinced that he has visited many of the planets in our solar system. Even some of the moons of Jupiter.

A crazy lady with hundreds of cats, living in a rotted-out old cabin off the beaten path.

A severe administrative assistant who hates every second of her job, except for the part where she gets to kick people out of the offices of the historical society.

Any of these people can help you find the unicorn more easily. If you make the right choices, that is…


IMPORTANT!! If you purchased this book on or before June 9, 2017, there is a chance that you purchased a copy with several unfortunate typos. These typos will prevent you from completing some story paths. Copies in circulation after that date have been corrected.

If you purchased a copy that was not corrected, please review the changes below:

  • Page 27: The directions should point you to page 49.
  • Page 37: The directions should point you to page 19.
  • Page 67:
    • If you enter one of the tepees, turn to page 38.
    • If you look down the well, turn to page 49.

Please accept my apologies for any confusion that this may have caused.