The Ninja

When martial artist Rod Taylor accidentally kills an opponent while he is trying out for the Olympic Games, it affects him deeply and he descends into a deep depression. But when he discovers that his opponent had ambitions to become a police officer, it inspires Rod to snap out of his self-imposed melancholy and he vows to do something that would have made his opponent proud.

Reinventing himself as an alter-ego, Rod becomes The Ninja, a superhero vigilante who devotes himself to righting wrongs and helping others.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, Neal Summers finds that not only has one of his stories been stolen by a former classmate, but it has been published and a movie deal agreed. Stunned by this, Neal turns himself into Darkstar, a crazed killer who goes on a murderous rampage against anyone who had a part in his betrayal.

Now, The Ninja and Darkstar are on a collision course as good faces up against evil in a confrontation that isn’t just about right and wrong. Because when Darkstar kidnaps someone close to The Ninja it becomes about fighting for the ones you love as well.

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Coming October 2017!!