I self-publish e-books, available in most formats.  For those that have yet to make the shift to e-books, I have POD copies available as well.

Branching Path Novels

These novels work like the old Choose Your Own Adventure books we grew up with in the 70s and 80s. YOU are the hero and can control the outcome of these stories. Will YOU save the day? Even if you don’t, you can just turn back to page one, make a different choice, and have a totally different adventure.

#1: Unicorn Hunt

There has been a local legend about a unicorn living in the park near your house. Since you’ve always loved horses in general, and unicorns in particular, you decide to investigate the sightings for yourself. In so doing, you meet a menergerie of characters more unbelievable than the unicorn itself, all of whom can help you find the unicorn. If you make the right choices, that is…

Coming Soon!!!

#2: Zombie Apocalypse

While in geography class, your teacher suddenly looks ill. She faints. When she wakes up, she’s a frothing zombie, trying to eat you and your fellow classmates! Suddenly, your school day becomes an exercise in survival.

Even if you manage to escape the school, your world is forever changed and you must decide where you fit in. Will you create a community outreach center? Will you join the class nerd and try to find the source of the zombie plague? Or will you join the high school jock and fight the zombie hordes head on?

You can read the first part of this book on Wattpad right now.

“The Community” Novellas

“The Community” is the uninspired name of a superhero group created through genetic manipulation in the wake of World War II by a shadowy government project who saw nothing unethical about experimenting on minorities and other oppressed groups.

We join The Community in the present day, when their children and grandchildren are discovering a family heritage they never knew they had. Still in its infancy, this series of novellas seeks to create an interconnected universe on the page much like Marvel has done on the screen. These novellas are short, quick reads but rich with Easter eggs that point to each other, all building to an exciting team up!

The Ninja

Rod Taylor, former Olympic hopeful, killed his most recent opponent in the ring.  This sends him on a horrible, self-destructive spiral.  When he discovers that his opponent was going to become a police officer after his own Olympic run, Rod decides to honor his opponent’s memory by becoming a vigilante crime fighter known simply as The Ninja. Will he halt a villain jilted by the comic book industry?

Coming Soon!!

Untitled: a Married Superhero

Darin Marks has a secret. Former Community enforcers have bullied him into silence about his speed and strength in the wake of being a star athlete in high school. He’s so scared he won’t even tell his wife Jessica. Darin realizes that he’s the only one who can stop a comic book villain who leaped off the pages of fiction and into real life, but can he do so while keeping his entire family in the dark about his activities? Will his fear for their safety be his undoing?

Coming Soon!!