The Unliklies

When Skeletor at last conquers Castle Grayskull, the Cosmic Enforcers mobilize a task force from across time and space. And it’s not the heroes you’d think. Instead, the Enforcers put together all the comic relief characters you’d ever need: Chip & Dale, Michelangelo, Larry the Cucumber, and Kwazzi. Led by Orko, they seek the lost half of the Power Sword to reopen the fortress of magic and mystery and combat Skeletor…

Episode #1

With the appearance of Point Dread on Eternia once again, Skeletor uses it to gain access to Castle Grayskull and imprison the Sorceress. Who is the Mysterious Stranger that helped Skeletor, and what is his agenda? How can the Cosmic Enforcers expect sidekicks and comic relief characters to combat this threat?

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Episode #2

Shipwrecked on Anwat-Gar, the location of the lost half of the Power Sword, the Unliklies split up. One team searches for the sword, while the other team works on an escape. Both are frustrated by the appearance of Skeletor’s hunter, Tri-Klops!

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Episode #3

With the missing half of the Power Sword now in Skeletor’s possession, the Unliklies head to the Lord of Destruction’s unattended base at Snake Mountain. Here, they face Tri-Klops again. Even if they can recover the sword, an ally is about to betray them at the worst time. What will they do when the real mastermind behind this plot reveals himself?

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Episode #4

The Unlikelies are trapped, the Power Sword is totally out of the equation, and the new power behind Grayskull’s throne dabbles in old magic even Skeletor would not dare to. Can the Unliklies figure out what to do?

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Episode #5

The Unliklies are joined by yet another unlikely hero: Skeletor! They learn another path exists into Castle Grayskull, but it isn’t easy to reach. Can they become the heroes they were never meant to be and recover a new key to the Castle?

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Episode #6

When the total solar eclipse reaches its apex, Grayskull will unite its power with the Black Pyramid of Third Earth. Eternia and all its people will be annihilated in the process. Can Orko lead a band of sidekicks and one supervillian to victory against these odds?

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