Darth Goofus

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

The merger of Lucasfilm with Disney has produced this inevitable parody, which stars the familiar characters of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in an adventure to redeem their best friend. He’s been listening to the wrong crowd and has now become a Dark Lord of the Sith. Can Mickey Mouse learn the ways of the Force in time to help?

Darth Goofus Episode #1: The Goof Strikes Back

The first episode, structured like a typical episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey thinks that Goofy is stranded on a mysterious purple planet. He journeys there only to discover that Goofy lured him into a trap: Goofy has turned to the dark side and wants revenge on Mickey and the Clubhouse gang for making fun of his goofy ways. Warning: the audio is terrible. My apologies. I used seriously inferior recording equipment until I discovered something better…

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Darth Goofus Episode #2: Revenge of the Goof

After escaping Goofy and restoring his Mousketool set, Mickey sets out for the swamp world of Dagobah and seeks counsel with Yoda, a great Jedi Master. Can Mickey learn the ways of the Force with enough skill to counter the brutal efficiency of Darth Goofus?

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Darth Goofus Episode #3: Mouse’s New Hope

While the Clubhouse defends against Marvin the Martian’s assault, Mickey meets Yoda and studies the ways of the Force. He is soon haunted by dreams of the torture of his friends, and so he returns home to free the gang.

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Darth Goofus Episode #4: Return of the Goof

Everything is in shambles: Minnie is in carbon freeze, Dr. Claw and Darth Goofus still control the Clubhouse, and Mickey is on his own adrift in space. After rescuing Minnie from Pete the Hutt, Mickey returns home for the final battle with Darth Goofus. Can he make his friend see the light?

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