I’m given to understand that the audio drama is only a lost art here in the United States. This isn’t an oddity or a rarity elsewhere. Unfortunately, here, it seems that it has largely gone the way of the dodo. Which is too bad, since many of the Old Time Radio (OTR) episodes were quite good (Richard Diamond, The Shadow, Gangbusters, David Harding: Counterspy, Speed Gibson and the International Secret Police are a few of my personal favorites).

These, I find, are much easier to produce than visual media but still tell a great story through dialogue and description. Since I have no other actors to draw on, it gives me a chance to show off my untapped talent for doing dozens of different, amusing voices.

So, yes, in both of these serials I am doing all of the voice work. At least one listener asked me why I’m not doing this professionally. He’s not the only one that has ever said something; several customers in my drive thru have encouraged me to pursue a career in radio or voice overs.

He-man Meets Yoda (ONE-SHOT)

Before he becomes He-man, young Prince Adam studies swordplay under the Jedi Master Yoda. Later, Yoda makes a shocking revelation. I had already planned and storyboarded the much more ambitious Darth Goofus, but was uncertain if I could actually produce an audio play. So I wrote a much shorter test and was quite happy with the result.

Darth Goofus (COMPLETE)

In this four part serial, Goofy is disillusioned with his friends picking on him for being clumsy. So he becomes a Dark Lord of the Sith to exact revenge on them. Listen to Disney meets Star Wars meets Looney Tunes meets Inspector Gadget here.

The Unliklies (IN PROGRESS)

In this six part serial, the Cosmic Enforcers mobilize a task force to recapture Castle Grayskull from Skeletor. The task force is dubbed “The Unliklies” because it contains the comic relief and sidekick characters from Octonauts, Veggie Tales, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and He-man and the Masters of the Universe. Can Orko overcome the odds and take Grayskull back? Find out here.