About Me

Cory Tucholski first blogged on Xanga in 2005 because all his in-laws did it, not because he wanted to.  He liked it, and so made a Christian apologetics and philosophy blog on Blogger (later moved to WordPress).  The second blog gained a little notoriety and led to briefly blogging with the Christian Apologetics Alliance and a failed attempt to start an apologetics club at the University of Toledo.

Dreaming of becoming an astronomer, a doctor, a computer programmer, a police detective, Cory took classes in high school and college to help him achieve those shifting goals.  He traded all that in for the glamorous, high-stakes world of fast food management but he never, ever stopped writing.

Cory then turned to fiction, first fan fiction and then audio dramas.

Currently, Cory is working on his debut novel, The Ninja.  It will be the first in a shared universe of superheroes defending the fictional city of Centersville from crime.

Cory lives in Toledo, OH with his wife and three (soon to be four) children.  When he isn’t writing about nighttime vigilantes or constructing audio dramas for the kids, he manages a suburban Wendy’s.