How to Fix America

I’m going to do something that I very seldom do. I’m going to make an explicitly political post. I don’t do this because I’m a conservative and we are so very unpopular right now. “Coming out” as a conservative can ruin you on certain social media platforms (like Twitter).

But I do have something to say: our current government sucks. America is starting to suck. And I love America and want to “Make America Great Again.” Donald Trump isn’t the person to do this. Joe Biden isn’t the person to do this. And I don’t know what I’m going to do come November because I can’t bring myself to vote for either candidate.

I’ve been turning a few things over in my head, and I think I’ve realized something: never in history are we more primed than now to see a grassroots takeover of American politics. Black Lives Matter and its reliance on Marxism has turned public opinion against the white ruling class people. Once upon a time, if you were white you had a voice but now everything you say is regarded with suspicion at minimum, or just labeled outright wrong and racist at worst. Especially if it disagrees with Black Lives Matter.

Public trust in police has also been severely eroded. No longer seen as above reproach, public opinion regards police forces as racist and corrupt. Some would even go so far as to say they hunt black people the way General Zaroff did on his private island. If you support police, you’re racist.

A general trend on social media is destroying public enthrallment with the life of a billionaire. Nighttime soap operas like Dallas or Falcon Crest had viewers follow the life and drama of the wealthy. Police procedurals like Silk Stalkings had the two working-class homicide detectives investigate murders perpetrated by the wealthiest and sexiest elite.

But now, this life isn’t portrayed as glamorous but gluttonous. People want billionaires to just give them money. They have so much, right? So why shouldn’t these greedy leeches be forced to give the excess back to the public whom they exploited to get it?

Wait—exploited? You read that right. I’ve seen memes that posit billionaires don’t ever “earn” that money. Earning is conflated with doing actual work and receiving an actual paycheck. Which, of course, the wealthy don’t do. Instead, they sit back and enjoy mai tais on a beach while we, the common American workers, work back-breaking hours to barely put scraps of food on a folding card table (because we can’t afford a real dining room table) all to make them richer.

The fabulously wealthy are merely leeches, therefore, and they have no right to that wealth. They should have to give it back to the people who really “earned” it.

Elite members of society (especially the white elite), law enforcement, and the fabulously wealthy are now all seen as racist, violent, and parasitic Goliaths. The American blue-collar workers, especially the black ones, are seen as the downtrodden Davids.

Here is where Marx calls for the violent overthrow of the elites by the common man, and we are poised for a grassroots takeover of the government. But it doesn’t have to be violent. It can be peaceful, I think, if the right leader emerges. I use “he” to refer to this leader, but he need not be male. He just needs to be a charismatic outlier and preferably black.

Why can’t he be inside the government? Because they’ve had their chance, many of them for decades, to fix this problem. It isn’t theirs to fix; they’ve either created it or let it fester. It’s time for someone else to take the reigns.

Why black? Because it won’t be easy to counter the public perception of whites as bigoted racists who created the system to keep the black man down. It would also further the image of the outlier as someone who is truly “outside the system,” and therefore in no way contributed to it as it currently stands.

But why now? Because the Internet is the great equalizer. Just look at your favorite YouTubers and Twitch streamers. Ordinarily, to start a business and have the reach they do, you would need hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in the product and inventory, not to mention advertisement. But these guys can start with minimal equipment and a few followers and grow to thousands through only word-of-mouth, or perhaps a little boost from social media and search engine ads.

Between Twitter, Facebook pages, and email subscriptions I have 1,656 followers for my blog. And I barely have anything worthwhile to say. Including this–most of which you are probably shaking your head in disbelief and disagreement at. If I can get followers, anyone can get followers. It’s easier than ever to become a social media celebrity. Anyone can get here with a little bit of effort and minimal advertising budget. And if you have really, really good things to say, then you can get here solely through word-of-mouth. It doesn’t get much more grassroots than that.

Politicians typically have something that the common man doesn’t: a media presence. But with social media, anyone can lead a campaign through Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and never leave their home.

The grassroots takeover can only go one of two ways: with violence, or with the voice of the voter.

Marxist organizations like Black Lives Matter and the Democratic politicians would contend that violence is the only way this upheaval will occur. This is why riots are still occurring so many months after the death of the man whose name they will bear when history is written. This is also why Democrats court or encourage the riots, since the people who participate are the common man that this party purports to uplift.

But I contend that we can have a paradigm shift by the will of the voter, by voting in politicians who will act in the public’s best interest and shed their own agendas and desires. This can happen, and it can happen by following the American system of government as written in the Constitution. It starts with waking up the voters and getting the establishment out of office, and then it lies in the hands of those who replace them.

Let’s replace them with the right people this time.

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