Superheroes in Alternity: Sample Careers

Although any career path could conceivably lead a person to be a superhero, these sample careers are how the members of the Avengers started out. These all came from chapter 6 of the Player’s Handbook, but are modified to make them closer to the Avenger who had this career.

Combat Spec Careers


A member of the armed forces, a soldier can be an enlisted man or an officer. He is trained in hand-to-hand fighting, use of firearms, and is highly disciplined. He is usually not just a grunt, but an effective leader.

In addition to what is listed below, consider investing some points into Unarmed Attack and some Interaction specialty skills.

Signature Equipment: Assault rifle, battle jacket, rations, survival gear.

Skill Package: Athletics–throw 2; Armor Operation; Modern Ranged Weapons–rifle; Survival; Tactics–infantry. Cost: 30 points.

14a307adae90140f9b5fa8f47cbf7b6d0633100a_hqFree Agent Careers

Bounty Hunter

A bounty hunter tracks fugitives who have escaped justice and returns to them to the parties who are seeking them–provided those people pay the price.

The skills most relevant to a bounty hunter are tracking skills. It also helps if the hunter knows what his quarry is up to, so investing in Street Smarts is also helpful.

Signature Equipment: Bow & variety of arrows.

Skill Package: Primitive Ranged Weapons–bow; Stealth–shadow; Investigate–track; Interaction–interview. Cost: 31 skill points.


A spy has a very specific skillset, which she often puts up for the highest bidder. She can provide counterespionage or undertake assassination missions.

In addition to the skills below, you may wish to invest in Manipulation (for lockpicking) and Stealth (for sneaking around unnoticed and tracking targets).

Signature Equipment: Surveillance gear, pistol.

Skill Package: Athletics–climb; Unarmed Attack–power martial arts; Acrobatics–defensive martial arts; Modern Ranged Weapons–pistol; Interaction–interview, seduce 2. Cost: 39 skill points.

Tech Op Careers


A skilled medical doctor who consults and performs invasive surgeries as a specialty, a surgeon holds sway over life and death everyday for his patients. When salves, pills, and physical therapy fail, the surgeon steps in and with a few well-placed cuts can save the day by repairing things internally.

The superhero surgeon should consider adding combat skills, such as Unarmed Attack or Modern Ranged Weapons to round out his combat abilities.

Signature Equipment: Surgical kit, first aid kid.

Skill Package: Medical Science–medical knowledge; surgery 2; treatment 2. Cost: 25 points.


The inventor is able to conceive of technical equipment, and build his designs from scratch. He is also versed in repairing all things mechnical.

Signature Equipment: Computer equipment, tool kit.

Skill Package: Knowledge–computer operation; Technical Science–invention 2, juryrig, repair, technical knowledge 2; Interaction–taunt 2. Cost: 29 points.


If it has wings, the pilot can fly it.

In addition to the skills below, consider taking some System Operation specialty skills, or perhaps some Technical Science skills (like repair) in case things go wrong.

Signature Equipment: Jumpsuit, 9mm pistol.

Skill Package: Modern Ranged Weapons–pistol; Vehicle Operations–air vehicle, space vehicle; Knowledge–computer operation; Navigation–system astrogation; System Operation. Cost: 30 points.


The scientist studies things, learns things, and knows things. It is the purpose of the scientist to be able to explain why things happen the way that they do, and if he doesn’t know he is able to find out through rigorous application of the scientific method.

Consider adding skills that would help with researching or cataloging, such as Investigate and any of its specialty skills.

Signature Equipment: Laptop computer.

Skill Package: Knowledge–computer operation, deduce; Life Science–genetics 2; Physical Science–astronomy, chemistry 2, physics 2. Cost: 32 skill points.

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