Hero Quest Quest Pack #4: Adventure in Arcania

What is the next logical step after the one-page dungeon?

An interlinked campaign of adventures.

The one-page dungeons that I’ve already put up, both the HeroQuest adventures and the ones from last year that showcased the Shrines map pack, formed a loose story. Each adventure was its own story, but it had running subplots that made it part of a larger narrative. In this case, however, each Quest is a “level” of a larger dungeon. Each Quest is not its own story. The full story’s main plot requires each Quest to tell it.

A reader emailed me about the Quest Pack series that I had posted at Agin’s Inn over 20 years ago. He and his group had completed the original three and he had wondered if I had ever made the promised sequel.

At the time, no. But I wrote it for his group and I hope that they enjoyed it. Over the last few weeks, I re-released the Quest Packs that led up to Adventure in Arcania, my most ambitious Hero Quest idea ever.

And today, Adventure in Arcania is here. Don’t get too excited. The resulting Quest Pack is nothing like what I envisioned. I plotted something akin to Baltar’s Staff, a Quest from Agin’s Inn that played like a nonlinear computer RPG. I added nontraditional boards and other components. Call it Baltar’s Staff on steroids.

But I crapped out and never completed it. Then, through this site, a reader contacted me and explained he had downloaded my other original Quest Packs and wondered if I had ever made this one. I wound up stripping it down to the required parts and setting them like traditional Quests in a Quest Pack in order to actually complete it.

Download the PDF here!

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