REVIEW: Savage Encounters: Villains & Lairs

Available: DM’s Guild

Villains & Lairs is the perfect product to review first for the blog since I absolutely love villains and everything to do with villains. Just the other day I was texting my wife about villain quotes.

Hero quotes get all the fame: “Hasta la vista, baby.” “For Aslan!” “There must be some mistake. I’m not a–I’m Harry. Just Harry.” “Yipee ki-yay, mother f**ker!”

But some villains have excellent quotes as well. Why aren’t these more famous? “Even when you have nothing to lose, you still can’t do it. You’re weak. And I’ve outgrown you.” “If God were a villain, he’d be me.” “I never wanted the throne. I only wanted to be your equal!” And my favorite: “Let the mayhem begin.”

Bet you can name the owner of every hero quote. Can you name any owners of the villain quotes?

But I digress. The point of this post is to review an RPG supplement. However, I wanted to establish my love of villainy and all things villain. After all, how many people do you  know who can name all of the James Bond movie villains from memory? There is no one better qualified to give an opinion on this product. Continue reading “REVIEW: Savage Encounters: Villains & Lairs”