50 Books in a Year: Can I Do It?

I’ve seen a challenge floating around for a couple of years now: Read 50 Books in a Year. Normally I balk at social media challenges, but I decided to take this one on.

Why? Well, I love reading. Last year, I tracked many of the books I read. I don’t think it was all of the books I read, but I came up with 15. It seems that the average American, not just the ones who “love to read,” read about 5-12 books per year.

If I “love to read” so much, why I am I barely reading more than average?

I also read that CEOs read 50 books (or more) in a year. Surely my job isn’t more demanding than that; I manage a single restaurant and I’m only an assistant. If a person who manages a multi-billion dollar corporation can do it, then I can, too.

Why 50? It’s a nice round number. It’s little less than a book per week, so I have some leeway if I read a longer book (Stephen King’s 11/22/63 has been on my to-read pile for too long).

The secret to this challenge is TIME MANAGEMENT.

  • Of late, I’ve been catching myself lingering on Facebook or Twitter for too long. I can make that time more productive by reading a few pages in a real book instead.
  • My commute time just increased as I was transferred to a new location. I never listen to the radio, so why not throw in an audiobook?
  • Need to catch up? Graphic novels, Hardy Boys Casefiles, or Nick Carter books are usually short and easy reads. I have a few of those I still haven’t cracked open.

Those are just a few of the tricks I’m starting to use.

I’ve got 2 books read of my 50 (Forever and a Day by Anthony Horwitz and Donald Quest: Hammer of Magic), though to be fair I did start the first in 2018. I’ll try hard to make it at least to 51 to impress the purists. I’m already about a quarter of the way through #3, Dead on Arrival by Matt Richtel. In my car’s CD changer is Sea Arrow by Clive Cussler.

Can I do it?

I think I can.


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