How New is the One Page Dungeon?

The One Page Dungeon, I stated, is a “new” concept to me.

How new?

Well, my introduction to tabletop RPGs came with the board game Hero Quest, a 1990 release by Milton-Bradley in conjunction with Games Workshop. This game came with a Quest Book, which contained a map of the board with symbols to show where to put the various pieces (the doors, the furniture, the enemies, etc). Opened up, the Quest Book was just a little bit larger than an 8-1/2 x 11″ sheet of paper.

The One Page Dungeon, therefore, shouldn’t have been that new to me.

In honor of my introduction to gaming, I thought I would share a simple Quest for the Hero Quest Game System that you can download and play. You will see that it fits neatly on one page.

Download the PDF here.