Transcripts for Audio

On the suggestion of a member of the Audio Scriptwriters group on Facebook, I have decided to add transcripts to all of the audio dramas I’m hosting on this site.

It’s an idea that makes sense. After all, search engines don’t index audio files, so why not include a script? Gives me one more chance to be discovered by a random search.

I think what really pushed me over the edge in this decision is my wife’s insistence on having the subtitles turned on whenever we watch a movie. I hated it at first, but now I’m used to it. Given all the “What did that guy just say?” questions I get while playing one of these for my family, I figure this will solve that dilemma.

No way to caption an audio drama… or is there?

This process will take some time, but I have discovered that it is fairly easy to convert a script to an WordPress page. It just takes a bit of patience on my part. So bear with me, and soon all of the episodes will have transcripts!

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