Fan Fiction: Can it Work for Me?

E.L. James is somewhat of an oddity: she appears to have “made it” as a novelist by writing fan fiction.

I started out by writing fan fiction. When I was in eighth grade, I wrote a sprawling, meandering “novel” (it was something like 50 handwritten loose leaf sheets of paper and it was divided in to four “books”, each shorter than the previous). It was first person, so of course the main character was a self-insert. The “love interest” was the girl I was crushing on at the time, and it was otherwise the plot of the TV series “Captain N: the Game Master.”

That never went anywhere, and I’ve lost the manuscript (thank God; I’m sure I would be mortified that I ever wrote anything like it). I’ve continued to write fan fiction, with my more recent endeavors here. But I’ve never made any money from it.

No one has.

Until E.L. James.

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One Page Dungeon, Part III

In this post, you see that I discovered the magic of the One Page Dungeon, a completely self-contained RPG adventure on a single sheet of paper. What I did then was create a series of interlinked adventures to answer the question: What happens to a god that has no more mortal worshipers? Can it stage a comeback? It crosses over with my interest in philosophy of religion and it gives me an excuse to use the excellent Shrines Map Pack from Paizo Publishing.

It appears that the Old Gods here are trying to make a comeback. If a Chosen of the Old Ones is sacrificed upon a certain altar when the stars are in perfect alignment, the Old Gods will ascend to the heavens again. In the latest installment, the heroes will have track a sage who knows what the alignment is, and how to determine if someone is one of the Chosen.

I love feedback! Please let me know what you think of these adventures in the comments.

Hannah Arendt and Nicholas Cage

CAUTION: This blog post contains spoilers for the movie 8MM. If you plan on seeing this movie (and I don’t see why you’d want to put yourself through that, but it’s your life) then you may want to move on.

I have a serious interest in philosophy. I used to be a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society and have a few years worth of their excellent academic journal, Philosophia Christi, sitting on my book shelf. I had a chance to meet William Lane Craig once, though (regrettably) I didn’t get to talk with him. I reacted to that the way normal people react to celebrities.

Anyway, I stumbled into a great series of mini-videos from the channel 8-bit Philosophy, where they use classic NES characters and some original creations to explain bits of philosophy on a popular level. The specific one I want to talk about is What is Evil?

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One Page Dungeon, part II

As stated previously, the One Page Dungeon is a new (to me) concept of trying to fit an entire dungeon on one page. When I bought the outstanding Shrines Map Pack from Paizo Publishing, I had an idea to use several of them in an interlinked campaign arc to answer the burning question: What becomes of the gods who no longer have mortal worshipers? Could they stage a comeback?

Part II of my answer awaits.