NEW AUDIO: The Unliklies Episode 3

Tri-Klops stole the sword! Our heroes will have to work fast to recover the sword and get it back to M in time. A major betrayal is coming: will it tear the Unliklies apart?


  • Some of Chip’s anti-Christian comments toward Larry are borrowed from Internet atheists that I’ve encountered when I was writing apologetics and philosophy. Those comments are not representative of thoughtful atheists.
  • On an episode of Friends, someone asked Joey “What kinds of things do you know?” when he said something surprisingly insightful. I included that reference for my wife, who counts Friends as one of her favorite TV shows of all time.
  • The Mysterious Stranger revealing himself as Beast Man was the first scene I dreamed up after thinking of the general concept of this audio drama.
  • When M betrays the Unliklies, it marks him as M from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen rather than from James Bond.
  • The appearance of Dr. Claw makes this a sequel to Darth Goofus.

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