My Nervous Hang-Up

I’m generally an extroverted person, but I do have one unfortunate nervous hang-up. It’s one that I find is fairly common among writers: I don’t like talking about my work-in-progress (or even my completed books) with strangers. Or acquaintances. Or friends. I don’t like talking about them with anyone, really.

Why? Because every idea is a grand, wonderful idea until you start talking about it with someone else. Then it suddenly seems stupid.

Well, that’s probably not true. At least none of my ideas have ever suffered that fate. Actually, most people like my ideas. But it still takes me a long time to work up any kind of nerve to talk about it with people.

To find a way to get over that, I have adopted author Douglas Gardham as my hero. This is a guy who spends his weekends driving all over the United States and Canada to promote his books.

Stephen King goes to a book signing, the line is out the door. Douglas Gardham? Not so much. He initiates conversation with passers-by at the signings and talks about his work. He gets many of them to buy the book, too.

And why not? The Actor is about a guy who gets the job of his dreams, only to find out that all is not as it appears. “Actor” isn’t my dream job (writer is, obviously) but I can sympathize with that. It sounds like an intriguing tale. And it’s compared to the writing of David Lynch, which I like very much.

But he puts himself out there. He gets people excited by talking about his work. It sounds scary, but I know I need to do more of that if I want to be successful in this arena.

Does anyone else have this same hang up?

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