Knight Rider Reboot

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Knight Rider? David Hasselhoff as the ultimate 80s lone wolf hero type, Mr. Feeny voices an AI car, plots right out of a comic book. What’s not to love?

Now, it seems that a reboot has all but been confirmed, possibly with James Gunn as director. The Hoff is involved in this reboot, and why shouldn’t he be? After all, he’s become something of a parody of himself lately, appearing in the Sharknado series, playing a mentor in the big screen adaptation of Baywatch, and making a humorous and well-foreshadowed cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. Not to mention winning gold for best line ever in a voice cameo for the crowdfunded Kung Fury (“Don’t hassle The Hoff!”).

But Internet Ignorance abounds with the potential reboot, so I wanted to add some thoughts here. Hopefully I’m not just adding to the cesspool already swirling out there. My goal is to be the voice of reason. Continue reading “Knight Rider Reboot”

5 Room Dungeon, Room 5: The Twist

So, it has been almost five months since I last visited the Five Room Dungeon Model. It is time to finish my discussion of it.

The obvious way to finish any adventure is the treasure room, and that is certainly acceptable for a one-shot adventure.  Even a small, self-contained adventure within an ongoing campaign is allowed a “Monster of the Week” adventure where nothing else happens. In which case, use the first four rooms of the Five Room Dungeon Model and end on a treasure hoard or grabbing the item for which we quested, as appropriate.  Close with some narrative summary and everyone goes home.

But there is another way to end an adventure. Continue reading “5 Room Dungeon, Room 5: The Twist”

My Nervous Hang-Up

I’m generally an extroverted person, but I do have one unfortunate nervous hang-up. It’s one that I find is fairly common among writers: I don’t like talking about my work-in-progress (or even my completed books) with strangers. Or acquaintances. Or friends. I don’t like talking about them with anyone, really.

Why? Because every idea is a grand, wonderful idea until you start talking about it with someone else. Then it suddenly seems stupid. Continue reading “My Nervous Hang-Up”