5 Room Dungeon, Room 4: Boss Monster

It’s been a while since I’ve written this series. I started out pretty strong, then waned off as I worked hard on writing that I actually wanted to SELL as opposed to give away for free.  But, hey, this is a great marketing tool right here.  The importance of platform can’t be overstated.  Therefore, let’s return to disseminating the Five Room Dungeon Model.

Once the PCs have fought through a dungeon and watched the story unfold before their eyes, gained some treasure and experience points, they are ready for the final battle.  The fourth room of the Five Room Dungeon Model is that: the Boss Monster.  This should be the toughest encounter that the PCs have faced so far, and therefore the most exciting and yield the most treasure. Continue reading “5 Room Dungeon, Room 4: Boss Monster”