I never thought about writing comics.  One fateful day, I had an idea previously discussed here.  Originally, the audio drama Darth Goofus was to be a 12-issue limited series comic book.

However, I had no idea how to write a comic book. So I did what I always do: I read books written on the topic.  I read one by Dennis O’Neil, I read one by Stan Lee, I read one by Peter David.  I even more recently read one by Comfort & Adam on webcomics and Fred van Lente & Greg Pak on how to publish independently.

But the barrier for me was always art.  I can’t draw.  At least not to the level you’d want a comic book artist to reach.  I can draw maps.  And in fact I do when I run Dungeons & Dragons games.  But that isn’t going to help me very much.

The answer lay in old issues of Knights of the Dinner Table.  There was a “homebrew” strip called “Fuzzy Knights of the Dinner Table,” where someone took pictures of stuffed animals and photoshopped dialogue balloons onto them.

There’s my answer.

I can take pictures of LEGO sets, I can take pictures of posed action figures, and I can paset those pictures together to make my own comics!  There’s even a program to help with such an endeavor: Comic Life.  So I plunked down the $20 and bought a copy of Comic Life.

Now, what to do?  Well, I started a comic about LEGO Ultra Agents.  It didn’t go anywhere.  I get discouraged easily, and I frequently start projects that I never finish.  I plan to come back to this one, because the idea is way to awesome not to use.  Plus, I collected all of the Ultra Agents sets (including the Ocean HQ and the Mobile HQ, both of which are $100 sets!).

So, like most ideas, I abandoned it.

But, recently, I decided to copy off of Fuzzy Knights.  I set up five stuffed animals and took pictures from different angles.  Then, I imported the images into Comic Life and gave them dialogue.  Before I knew it, I had created 14 pages of a comic book.

My usual critique group (wife, mother-in-law, and oldest child) loved the comics.  So I decided that would be my webcomic, which is now visible over here at Comic Fury.

If this comic does well, then next year I will do a webcomic based on Ultra Agents.  I’m already plotting that one so that I can just write the scripts and get it photographed quickly.

This should prove to be fun!

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