5 Room Dungeon, Room 1: Guardian

So now that we have a general plot and backstory for our dungeon, we are in the best position to create a good hook for the PCs to enter the fray.

Assume that the PCs begin the adventure in a small village or town that happens to be in the crossfire of the impending war between orc tribes.  A powerful orc chieftain has put a price on the head of another one.  The upcoming battle can be between those two orcs or the orc with the price and another who intends to collect the bounty.  It doesn’t really matter, and it may never depending on how the PCs play this adventure.

The important thing is that the PCs are located in a population center that is about to be trampled by orcs, and that should give them incentive to do something about it. Continue reading “5 Room Dungeon, Room 1: Guardian”