The Audacity of Some People!

I just received the following e-mail:

Hi there,

My name is [REDACTED]. I am currently working as a Online Marketing analyst and need some assistance. I am looking for an experienced content writer, who speaks exceptional English, to produce product related content for my client. If I am happy with the sample you produce, I use you again for a larger range of content related tasks.

In you reply I would like to know about your experience as a content writer, also require sample of your ability. Below is details for samples.

Write 250 word on 3 product, add the time it took you to write it. Be creative, you don’t know the materials or dimensions so just make them up by using products picture. The person who writes the most engaging content that would make me want to buy the product has the job.

This is a Real Assignment, so Please do not think that I am spamming. {just discard if you are not a writer or relevant person}

Please find product details below.

    Keywords: sumas media rear camera license plate frame, rear camera license plate, camera license plate
    Keywords: osd audio outdoor speaker, frog speakers, osd audio
    Keywords: sceptre 23 class led hdtv, sceptre 23 class led 1080p, sceptre hdtv

Once you will send me samples, I will forward to editorial team, they will finalize writers for the project.

we are planning to pay $2.5 {two dollar and fifty cent} to $3.5 {three dollar and fifty cent}

Looking forward hear you.

I actually did respond.  Here’s my reply:

Let me get this straight…

You want me to do the job, then if you like it, you’ll pay me for it?


This is the equivalent of going into a clothing store, picking up a shirt, and as you leave saying to the clerk, “If I end up wearing this, I’ll drop you a check!  Bye now!”

I don’t work that way.  If you want my services then you will PAY for my services.  I have plenty of writing samples for you to choose from; check my blogs below for some examples.  If you like that previous work, then we can talk SPECIFIC CONTRACT and hourly or per-project wages.

Otherwise, this IS spam.

Have a good day.

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