Open Letter to a YouTube User (absmart)

A YouTube user named absmart made a profoundly ignorant comment on a YouTube video.  By definition, most YouTube comments are profoundly ignorant, but this one is in a class all by itself.

I sent him the following message, but I’m not sure he will even see it.  So, I have decided to share it with the world, so that everyone can appreciate my wit and wisdom.

I’ve never been published except anonymously on a Christian website, but I’m working seriously on selling a few magazine articles on fast food management, armchair philosophy, and Christian parenting.  That won’t get me into the National Writer’s Union or the ASJA, but he doesn’t know that.  For all he knows, I am in print.  (I’ve had people ask me before where I’m published professionally!)  So don’t laugh when I call myself a “creative professional.”

Dear absmart,

Two weeks ago, on a Judge Judy video, you made the following comment:

copyright can go screw itself – nobody is making money off it being on youtube – people just want to watch an episode and get a laugh here and there. Unfortunately, the greedy bastards at CBS and other TV stations don’t seem to like that. Copyright is just another way for greedy companies to make even more money, and is a reason why the world is the way it is nowadays.

I find this to be the most profoundly ignorant comment I have ever come across, and I argue about religion in my spare time!  If you’ve ever tried to argue about religion, you know that atheists and theists both say remarkably ignorant things to each other.  However, this comment from you absolutely takes the Ignorance Cake. Continue reading “Open Letter to a YouTube User (absmart)”

Celebrating Manslaughter: Sidney NOT a Hero in Scream 3

At the end of Scream 3, the director of the movie-within-the-movie, Roman Bridger, reveals to Sidney Prescott that he is the illegitimate son of Maureen Prescott and the architect of Sidney’s horrid life.  He first approached Billy Loomis with the idea to kill Maureen and frame Cotton Weary.  Billy recruited Stu Macher, and the two started killing off all of Sidney’s friends, aiming for Sidney herself.  Sidney stopped them.

A few years later, a copycat killer begins killing off students at Windsor College, where Sidney is studying theater, all of whom have the same or similar names to the victims in the Woodsboro killings.  Sidney is the target again, and she discovers that Billy’s mother is seeking revenge because Sidney killed her son.  Assisted by the creepy film student Mickey, Mrs. Loomis confronts Sidney and Sidney, once again, defeats the killers.

Sidney is first on to Roman when Cotton Weary, now a talk show host, is murdered in his home by another man in a Ghostface mask years after the Windsor College murders.  In the film’s climax, Roman explains how it was him who talked to Billy and set this series of events in motion.  And, ultimately, it wasn’t to torture Maureen–she was already dead.  It was to destroy Sidney, who represented everything he wanted but was denied.

That makes sense to psychotic people, by the way.  No, seriously.  Study basic psychology, paying special attention to abnormal psych.  That’s exactly the type of irrationality that would make total sense to someone like Roman Bridger.

This trilogy ended badly because of Ehren Kruger writing Scream 3.  It wasn’t all his fault.  To keep the ending off the Internet, Kruger actually wrote three different scripts, all substantially the same but with different endings.  The movie actually leads up to Angelina and Roman as partners, and if you watch Scream 3 with that in mind you will see exactly what I’m talking about.  However, the powers that be cut the final movie with one of the “fake” endings, an ending which not only doesn’t follow from the clues in Act II of the movie, but also has Sidney commit a serious crime in the resolution. Continue reading “Celebrating Manslaughter: Sidney NOT a Hero in Scream 3”