First Post

I don’t know what actually possessed me to write a Xanga post, but here it goes. . .

First, I find it incredibly amusing that when I type Xanga into Xanga’s editor, it flags the word as a spelling mistake.

Second, as I’m trying to format my entry, I notice that I’m moving the mouse right to where the controls would be in WordPress. If I do get back into writing Xanga posts, I’m going to have to watch that.

WordPress is also considered a spelling mistake by Xanga’s editor. Now that I understand. They wouldn’t want to give credit to the competition, after all.

Maybe I can just use Xanga to free write. After all, I should be able to do that every once in a while, just to focus my thoughts. None of my other blogs or websites allow me to just write about my thoughts. Josiah Concept Ministries is for things theological; the websites all counter specific books or websites. Of course, there is the drawback that these posts will be for an audience of none. No one that used to read Xanga from my family still does, and no one from my family still posts in their blogs. Therefore, no feedback on my thoughts.

Well, that’s not entirely true. After all, three girls did send me love notes on this site. Of course, they were all very similar (though not verbatim). And I suspect that they were actually spam, advertising unsavory websites that make you pay to see pictures of naked (or nearly-naked) women. Or maybe I’m just being cynical. And, I did get one invite from someone who wanted to be my friend. Though I think that may have been spam as well.

I declined that friend request. And as the reason, I selected “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” That amused me very much.

That is all for now. Perhaps I’ll write some more later. Or perhaps not. We shall see if I decide to keep a journal on top of all the other writing projects that I’m doing right now. Doing so would really help me focus my thoughts. But how often would I actually be able to write in the journal without disrupting the other writing projects?

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