Unexpected Absence!!!

Yes, I had a rather sudden and unexpected absence from the blog. I hope that you will forgive me when you read the long version of it, here. We can, of course, expect at least one more absence for a week or so in October, but that will be a good thing: my daughter’s birth!

In the coming days, I will be reading and catching up on what has been going on in the blogosphere while I was in the hospital. Also, I will be job hunting. Hopefully, I’ll return to blogging by Tuesday or Wednesday.

I hope everyone has fun at their Labor Day BBQs, or whatever.

On a side note, my brother-in-law, Nate, has an entry with the multi-faceted problem of our place in this universe that I thought my readers might enjoy while waiting for an entry from me. It sums up the two problems that we have been discussing here over the previous week: absolute truth and doctrinal disputes among Christians.

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