The Christian Forums Saga Continues

I reposted the previous blog entry on Christian Forums, since I can’t link to it yet. It was summarily deleted with the following reason:

this is a violation of rule 3.8- discussing mod actions on the open board. PM me with any questions..

Please reply to this PM if you have any questions.

Oddly, I posted it in the CF Support Forum, in the subforum “Discuss Rules & Staff Team Policy.” If I’m not allowed to actually discuss the staff in this section, then why call it that in the first place?

So, to be a moderator at CF, you must lack intelligence and be too cowardly to discuss your actions in an open forum. I’m starting to see how things work at this board.

It’s a good thing that none of these people are baseball umpires or football referees, especially since they fear being questioned. If anyone questions them, they simply delete the thread.

Wait a minute–isn’t having unquestionable authority the hallmark of a cult?

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