Stupid Christian Forums

Wow. As a person who holds a few controversial theological positions (Calvinism, historicism), I expected to get moderator warnings at the Rational Response Squad forums. I expected to get warnings at TheologyWeb. So far, I’ve been made to feel very welcome at both forums (in fact, the RRS even sent me e-mail telling me that they missed me and wanted me to return to posting).

When I joined the Christian Forums, I was expecting the same sort of treatment. But instead, I have already received a warning from a moderator for violating the rules on my introductory post!

I posted this:

Hello all, I’m new to the forums and I thought I’d introduce myself and tell you who I am and what I’m about.I’m Cory. I’m working on building an online apologetics ministry and becoming a freelance writer. I’m married with a little bundle of joy on the way (Oct 8).I’m quickly becoming a regular poster on and I enjoy the online debating scene.

Well, that’s who I am and what I’m about. See you all around the boards!

To which received the following response:

Hi VenomX My name is Rich, and I am a Sr. Moderator with the Friendship Team here at CF. First of all, let me welcome you to Christian Forums–one of the greatest sites on the web!However, I need to inform you that your first post at this url:…4#post34687654

included this:


I’m quickly becoming a regular poster on and I enjoy the online debating scene.

Members may not post links until they have 15 posts, and links to other boards are not allowed unless that board has a link back to Christian Forum in an obvious place. We are asking you to please edit out this portion of your post. If it is not done within 48 hrs, staff will do it for you.

If you have any questions, please respond to this pm. Once again, welcome to CF


Now, the nutty part is that I didn’t post links to either board. I just mentioned their names. I tried to respond to the PM to inform Rich of that, but I can’t do that because I’m a new member.Now, you’d think that a moderator would be smart enough to know the difference between a link and a name. But I suppose not. You’d also think that a moderator would know that a member with less than five posts can’t send a PM, so why on earth would he invite me to respond if he knew I couldn’t? That doesn’t make me feel welcome on the boards at all, which is incredibly ironic considering his PM twice says “Welcome to the boards.”

So, intelligence isn’t a prerequisite for becoming a moderator at CF. I expect more from “one of the greatest sites on the web.” Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going over to TWeb to nominate this idiot for a Screwball Award. I’ll just click the link in my post. Wait! I didn’t put a link in my post! Darn. I’ll just have to copy and paste.

3 thoughts on “Stupid Christian Forums

  1. Frustrating isn’t it? He is human and giving him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he’s overworked and rushing to get it all done. He didn’t fully comprehend your post, and blah, blah, blah!! Don’t despair. Think of it only as one of life’s little thorns and keep on going.

  2. To further give him the benefit of the doubt: as a mod, he may be unaware of the 5-posts rule, and have no access to the settings page which would be the only place where that information can be found once you’ve passed five posts. And if the rule were introduced after he’d posted his first five posts, there’d be no way or him to know of the rule unless he were told. Least, that’s the way most forums I’ve used have been.

    Still – just post four more posts, then let him know of his slip. No biggie.

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