Is this Rational?

Not long after posting this on my Xanga, I checked my e-mail to discover a note from Susan, a high-level mod from the (at times oxymoronically-named) Rational Response Squad. It said that the RRS missed me, and wished that I would continue posting.

Since Susan is a mod, I figured that the e-mail was auto-generated, but I checked the RRS website anyway, and found that my introductory post had been updated with several similar messages, from Susan herself:

By the way, what’s happened to Cory T? He hasn’t been around in awhile.

I actually think I miss him!


I checked Cory T’s account and he doesn’t get email notification for replies in his threads.

I’m going to send him a note telling him we miss him.


Oh, there’s rarely a hard-core theist that isn’t really-and-truly out to gather converts. (Come on! They think that’s their job!)

However, Cory T could at least discuss with decently and didn’t proseletize endlessly. He was fun to have around.

Susan wasn’t alone. Other members chimed in:

It’s weird with the trolls that show up here it really makes you appreciate the theists you can actually have a discussion with.


I agree. I have actually been wondering where he has been for sometime. I always liked his posts, coherent and meaningful.

Of course, this is my favorite; mostly because of the graphic:

Didn’t he mention at one point that he was the manager of a Burger King or something? The King can be quite the taskmaster, or so I’m told…

God has a very mysterious way of working in my life. I feel so down and out because it doesn’t seem like I can ever get close to writing for a living the way I would like to. It doesn’t seem as though anybody reads what I write or cares that I write it. Then support from the least likely place manifests. I feel energized today instead of emotionally drained.

So I started posting on RRS again. Then, I find this comment on my blog from Magilum, my old nemesis on the RRS boards:

You’re an insincere twerp, Cory. All your hemming and hawing doesn’t make your views sensible, and it doesn’t make you any less of a single-minded prick.

It’s good to be missed!

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