Jerry Falwell

I have yet to comment about Jerry Falwell’s death.  Though I mourned the passing of Bruce Metzger, since he did much more work in apologetics and textual criticism closer to my own passion for the Word of God, more than I did Dr. Falwell’s, it is still sad to see any man of God and brother in Christ leave this earth, even though I know it means that God is calling them home.

Dr. Falwell once told a graduating class from Liberty, of which my church’s youth pastor was a part of, that if Liberty ever stopped teaching the Scriptures properly that he wanted them to return under cover of darkness and burn the entire place down.

Of course, as our youth pastor points out, that only means that Dr. Falwell recognizes that the true legacy of Liberty isn’t the buildings but the teaching of a biblical theology from Scripture.  Though he may have said that in a rather run-around fashion, it was only one of many things that Dr. Falwell said that got people’s attention.

But the best attestation to Dr. Falwell was perhaps delivered by N.T. Wright (HT to Daniel from Anchor for the Soul):

Within the strange, large economy of God’s grace, which filters the truth of scripture through all of us imperfect interpreters, it may be that I make just as many mistakes as I think he did, but we are each called to be true to what we find in scripture and I have no reason to suppose he was not as obedient to that imperative as I struggle to be.  May he rest in peace and, with the rest of us, rise in glory where we shall look back on present disagreements like an adult looks back on childhood squabbles in the playground.

May God bless everyone who proclaims and defends His word.  Even those with whom I’m starting to disagree with on stylistic choices, such as J.P. Holding, Crystal (aka Little Pixie of Terror), “Mountain Man,” “Razorphreak,” and the others I’ve talked to in the course of this ministry.  God can use all of us imperfect humans, and that both humbles and amazes me.  It’s a stern reminder to “judge not, lest ye be judged.”

The Christian Forums Saga Continues

I reposted the previous blog entry on Christian Forums, since I can’t link to it yet. It was summarily deleted with the following reason:

this is a violation of rule 3.8- discussing mod actions on the open board. PM me with any questions..

Please reply to this PM if you have any questions.

Oddly, I posted it in the CF Support Forum, in the subforum “Discuss Rules & Staff Team Policy.” If I’m not allowed to actually discuss the staff in this section, then why call it that in the first place?

So, to be a moderator at CF, you must lack intelligence and be too cowardly to discuss your actions in an open forum. I’m starting to see how things work at this board.

It’s a good thing that none of these people are baseball umpires or football referees, especially since they fear being questioned. If anyone questions them, they simply delete the thread.

Wait a minute–isn’t having unquestionable authority the hallmark of a cult?

Stupid Christian Forums

Wow. As a person who holds a few controversial theological positions (Calvinism, historicism), I expected to get moderator warnings at the Rational Response Squad forums. I expected to get warnings at TheologyWeb. So far, I’ve been made to feel very welcome at both forums (in fact, the RRS even sent me e-mail telling me that they missed me and wanted me to return to posting).

When I joined the Christian Forums, I was expecting the same sort of treatment. But instead, I have already received a warning from a moderator for violating the rules on my introductory post!

I posted this:

Hello all, I’m new to the forums and I thought I’d introduce myself and tell you who I am and what I’m about.I’m Cory. I’m working on building an online apologetics ministry and becoming a freelance writer. I’m married with a little bundle of joy on the way (Oct 8).I’m quickly becoming a regular poster on and I enjoy the online debating scene.

Well, that’s who I am and what I’m about. See you all around the boards!

To which received the following response:

Hi VenomX My name is Rich, and I am a Sr. Moderator with the Friendship Team here at CF. First of all, let me welcome you to Christian Forums–one of the greatest sites on the web!However, I need to inform you that your first post at this url:…4#post34687654

included this:


I’m quickly becoming a regular poster on and I enjoy the online debating scene.

Members may not post links until they have 15 posts, and links to other boards are not allowed unless that board has a link back to Christian Forum in an obvious place. We are asking you to please edit out this portion of your post. If it is not done within 48 hrs, staff will do it for you.

If you have any questions, please respond to this pm. Once again, welcome to CF


Now, the nutty part is that I didn’t post links to either board. I just mentioned their names. I tried to respond to the PM to inform Rich of that, but I can’t do that because I’m a new member.Now, you’d think that a moderator would be smart enough to know the difference between a link and a name. But I suppose not. You’d also think that a moderator would know that a member with less than five posts can’t send a PM, so why on earth would he invite me to respond if he knew I couldn’t? That doesn’t make me feel welcome on the boards at all, which is incredibly ironic considering his PM twice says “Welcome to the boards.”

So, intelligence isn’t a prerequisite for becoming a moderator at CF. I expect more from “one of the greatest sites on the web.” Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going over to TWeb to nominate this idiot for a Screwball Award. I’ll just click the link in my post. Wait! I didn’t put a link in my post! Darn. I’ll just have to copy and paste.

Is this Rational?

Not long after posting this on my Xanga, I checked my e-mail to discover a note from Susan, a high-level mod from the (at times oxymoronically-named) Rational Response Squad. It said that the RRS missed me, and wished that I would continue posting.

Since Susan is a mod, I figured that the e-mail was auto-generated, but I checked the RRS website anyway, and found that my introductory post had been updated with several similar messages, from Susan herself:

By the way, what’s happened to Cory T? He hasn’t been around in awhile.

I actually think I miss him!


I checked Cory T’s account and he doesn’t get email notification for replies in his threads.

I’m going to send him a note telling him we miss him.


Oh, there’s rarely a hard-core theist that isn’t really-and-truly out to gather converts. (Come on! They think that’s their job!)

However, Cory T could at least discuss with decently and didn’t proseletize endlessly. He was fun to have around.

Susan wasn’t alone. Other members chimed in:

It’s weird with the trolls that show up here it really makes you appreciate the theists you can actually have a discussion with.


I agree. I have actually been wondering where he has been for sometime. I always liked his posts, coherent and meaningful.

Of course, this is my favorite; mostly because of the graphic:

Didn’t he mention at one point that he was the manager of a Burger King or something? The King can be quite the taskmaster, or so I’m told…

God has a very mysterious way of working in my life. I feel so down and out because it doesn’t seem like I can ever get close to writing for a living the way I would like to. It doesn’t seem as though anybody reads what I write or cares that I write it. Then support from the least likely place manifests. I feel energized today instead of emotionally drained.

So I started posting on RRS again. Then, I find this comment on my blog from Magilum, my old nemesis on the RRS boards:

You’re an insincere twerp, Cory. All your hemming and hawing doesn’t make your views sensible, and it doesn’t make you any less of a single-minded prick.

It’s good to be missed!