Random Thought…

When I first started blogging on WP, I noticed that all of the comments blocked by Akismet were advertising porn. Then, it went to about 60% porn, 40% prescription drugs. Now, I have almost no porn advertisements whatsoever and almost all of them are for prescription drugs. And the number has jumped from around 20 per day to almost 100 per day.

Does this mean I graduated to the next level of achievement in blogging, or just that I should spend more time writing interesting blogs and articles and less time checking the spam queue?

Speaking of articles: I’m not going to spend any more time with Rook Hawkins’s Problems With the Resurrection piece posted on his blog a few months back. It seems as though 90% of the information is quote-mining from Richard Carrier, and the rest is viewing the historical evidence for the Resurrection with the presupposition that no supernaturalism can ever occur, anywhere, ever.

I still plan to do a piece on the Resurrection, but it will likely be a general apologetic. This will probably take me a while onger than I had originally planned. and I will start on it after I look at some atheist material in-depth. For a preview of how it will likely take shape, check out this apologetic. I want to read Morality Without God from RRS’s deludedgod, and an atheist reader gave me two good articles to look at for general guidelines to arguing with an atheist. I’ve always thought that Pascal’s wager was a terrible way to look at faith, so I’m going to take a look at the wager for myself and likely I’ll publish something on that in the near future.

The King James Only articles are on the brink of finished. The first is the response to that terrible quiz I keep seeing. I only need to locate textual criticism on one more stinking verse, but I can’t seem to find any balanced commentary on 1 Peter 4:14. All I can find is the typical KJV Only rhetoric. The second article I planned on doing was a balanced introduction to the whole KJV Only position, which of course will require more research.